Private Lessons

Private Lessons are key to the development for ALL lacrosse players. Whether working with a youngster that is new to the game or a player that is experienced but wants to perfect a certain aspect of their game, H.I.L. has the coaches that specialize in all areas of the game. Focusing on proper technique during a one-on-one lesson, will give players more confidence when they step on the field during a game setting. Individual lessons go a very long way when becoming a better player.

Whether an Attackmen wants to improve on dodging from X, a Midfielder wants to work on “Time and Room” shooting, or a Defensemen wants to get better at body positioning and stick skills, H.I.L. coaches can supply any aspect of the game you want to work on.

Our coaching staff will not only do drills that were past down from the best programs in the country but we will give the player things they can work at on their own;  AND that is how you eventually become the player you want to be.

The wonderful thing about private lessons is that the players will get 2-3 times as many touches on the ball compared to a normal hour and a half team practice. For example, during an individual lesson a player will touch the ball anywhere from 200-250 times and take up to 100 shots; As for an everyday practice, the player might touch the ball 30-50 times and only take 8-13 shots. Not only are the players getting constant repetition but they are receiving 100% of the attention and focusing on specific aspects of their game they want to work on.


The H.I.L. coaching staff are very flexible when it comes to the location and time for the private lessons. We can either go to your back yard, or meet at the closest park or school. We have goals that are easy enough to transfer to and from any field.

Private Lessons Fee:

1 Lesson-$100 per hr.
4 Lessons-$360 (save $40)
8 Lessons-$720 (save $80)

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